Our Experience

  • Gasbots Relocation

    On August 2008, PT Dewata Freight International did a relocation of gasbots for two different companies who worked together. Gasbot is a remote gas sensing robot that can three dimensional gas distribution maps of an explored location.

  • Pengiriman Transformer

    PT Dewata Freight International memindahkan transformer 1 x 70 MVA untuk sebuah perusahaan transfromer. Transformer diimpor dari Ex. Haipong di Vietnam ke Surabaya, Jawa Timur. Lalu dikirimkan ke PLN Pesanggrahan, Bali.

  • Shipment of 8 Units of Fuel Storage Tanks

    On June 2007, PT Dewata Freight International has successfully concluded a transportation and the erection of 8-unit fuel storage tank from Tanjung Priok, West Java to Matak, Riau Island.

  • Pengiriman 8 Unit Tangki Penyimpanan Bahan Bakar

    PT Dewata Freight International telah berhasil menyelesaikan transportasi dan pemasangan 8 tangki penyimpanan bahan bakar dari Tanjung Priok, Jawa Barat ke Matak, Riau.

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