CT Scan dan MRI Shipment

PT. Philips Indonesia


On 25th November 2013, PT Dewata Freight International successfully delivered CT (Computerized Tomography) Scan and MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging). The medical equipments were delivered from Tanjung Priok port to foundation at Petramedika Sentul Hospital.

The CT Scan was 274,30 cm long, 124,50 cm wide and 243,80 cm high. It weighed about 2,5 tons, While the MRI was 195 cm long, 208 cm wide and 266 cm high. It weighed about 5,95 tons.


PT. Philips Indonesia


Object Detail:

No Package Lenght Width Height Volume Gross
1 CT Scan 274,30 124,50 243,80 8.326 2.495,707
2 MRI 195,00 208,00 266,00 10.789 5.950,000
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