Providing Premier Ocean Freight to 325 Destinations

PT Dewata Freight International is one of the premiere ocean transportation service provider in the world. With an extensive global network, PT Dewata Freight International as able to effectively handle shipments of any size going anywhere in the world. With more than 325 worldwide destinations, PT Dewata Freight International offers direct total global access for both LCL and FCL cargo.

By utilizing our sea freight service, for both LCL and FCL the combination of lower cost and superior service results in overall savings both time and money. This allows any size importer/exporter to compete more effectively in the global marketplace.

With PT Dewata Freight International, containers are closed at cargo source and the dedicated staff handles all cargo. PT Dewata Freight International’s agent all around the world is unmatched for quality and location. Terminals are designed specifically to simplify the delivery of cargo – of pier locations eliminate delay, confusion and unloading charges, yet are close enough for rapid handling.

We offer all types of containerized shipping, from 20’, 40’, flatrack, open top and refrigerated containers. We also offer highly personalized roll on roll services for cars, trucks and boats. Our ocean shipping experts are available to provide you with fast quotes to all destinations across the globe, no place are off limits to PT Dewata Freight International.

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