• GI Indarung

    PT Dewata Freight International’s next destination is a substation in Indarung, West Sumatra.

  • GI Kembangan

    The last substation destination is in Kembangan, West Jakarta.

  • GIS Pulogadung

    PT Dewata Freight International continue to be used in a project related to substations.

  • Cargo Shipment for Kariangau Power Plant

    In 2015, PT Dewata Freight International did a delivery for Kariangau power plant in Balikpapan, East Borneo.

  • MCL and Senora Project

    PT Dewata Freight International was trusted to handle MCL and Senora Project.

  • IBRD S1 Project

    In 2015, PT Dewata Freight International handled IBRD S1 Project.

  • IBRD S2 Project

    Still in 2015, PT Dewata Freight International was trusted again to handle IBRD S2 Project.

  • IBRD J1 Project

    For the third time, PT Dewata Freight International handled the IBRD Project.

  • Boeing 737-800 Material Shipment

    PT Dewata Freight International also had experiences in aeroplane material shipment.

  • Material Shipment for PLTU Alor Project

    PT Dewata Freight International was trusted to delivered material for a power plant in Alor.

  • 60 MVA Transformer Shipment & Accessories

    In 2015, PT Dewata Freight International imported a 60 MVA transformer along with the accessories to PLTU Sicanang.

  • Another New Branch in Semarang

    In 1998, PT Dewata Freight International added another new branch in the island of Java.

  • Expanding to Kuta Bali

    After achieving success in their first office, PT Dewata Freight International opened a second office in Seminyak, Kuta Bali in1996.

  • Providing Domestic Freight & Inter Island Service

    Comprising the pick up’s of goods from the factory or warehouse of the exporter and its transfer to our warehouse close to the airport and/or directly to the airport or port. This may also include the co-ordination of the shipment in the exporter’s own premises. Our service range for unforwarding DDU/DDP, services to cover all over Indonesia.

  • Tawarkan Berbagai Jasa Lewat Udara

    Melalui jasa angkut udaranya, PT Dewata Freight International dapat mengangkut dan mengirimkan berbagai muatan. Divisi ini telah dilengkapi dengan software terbaru dan jaringan yang luas di seluruh dunia untuk meyakinkan setiap pengiriman ditangani dengan maksimal.

  • Cutting Distance with Air Freight

    The world is ever shrinking thanks to the continued growth of airlines with wider global coverage, and in this light transport by air freight allows companies to shorten the time it takes for goods to get to their destinations.

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