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  • Organizational Structure

    Organizational Structure

  • Vision & Mission

    Vision A world of abundance through accuracy, speed and the security of shipping cargo customers worldwide. Mission We are committed to implementing 14th habbits. Our Culture We as a team that has a Commitment, Ownership, Integrity, Excellent, Communication, Success, Education, Team Work, Balance, Fun, Systems, Consistency, Gratitude, Abundance, and makes competitors as a partnership, as well as providing product services as a value added, also in the end provide a win-win solution which makes DFI grow.

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    PT. Dewata Freight International (DFI) is an experienced company which specialized in custom clearance, inland haulage, air and ocean freight services. The company was established in 1994. We have a global network by joining some international forwarding alliances who have members more than 100 countries. We employees comply a full skill quality and knowledge based on International Standard to meet their needs. We highly participated on market segment of Energy Sector. We comply The Quality Management Systems,...

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